About Us


Changing Times.

From Farming to Waste Collection

Faced with the growing difficulties of making a living with a family farm in an increasingly suburban community, the Garretts had a better idea: start a waste collection business. Times were difficult and resources were scarce but they mustered up enough money to purchase six containers and a roll off trailer that could be used to haul the containers with an existing farm truck. Through the trials and tribulations of launching a new venture and learning a new industry the Garrett Family got their humble beginnings in a large industry. Thankfully through the grace of God and hard work, dedication and sacrifice by many, Roll Off Systems has evolved into a much larger family of employees and faithful customers!

A Foundation For the Future.

Our business is dedicated to Christ. First and foremost in our lives is our relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. We do not leave that relationship behind when we walk through the company's door. All of our decisions are prayerfully considered. We apply biblical principles in our work ethic and the way we do business.

Our goal has always been to make a positive difference in the community where we live and work, to enrich the lives of our employees, and to forge meaningful relationships with our customers, vendors and suppliers. By living up to these ideals we believe we will continue to find more customers to serve and to continue the successful story that grew from humble beginnings over a decade ago.

Whether you are a new customer, a fellow employee, a supplier or a friend you are part of our story and we are grateful for your support!


To grow and prosper through the efficient and responsible stewardship of our resources while providing value to our customers with cost effective, responsive and environmentally sound solutions for their solid waste management and recycling needs. To create opportunities for each employee to use his or her God given talents, skills and abilities to serve others and create value for customers.


  • To treat all employees with dignity and respect; to actively promote a spirit of employee / employer partnership at all times and at all levels within our company.

  • To conduct our business affairs with honesty and integrity.

  • To maintain a customer focus with the clear understanding that we must create value for the customer through a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • To operate efficiently through attention to details at all levels of our company while preserving, protecting and maximizing our people, our equipment, our financial resources and our environment.

  • To establish and maintain a positive attitude and confidence in our ability to face change and manage its impact upon our future.

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